SCOTLAND: The Big Picture was founded in 2008 by a core group of photographers, filmmakers and writers, united by a determination to champion rewilding at a time when most environmental organisations remained nervous about using the term.

As the story of rewilding has evolved and matured, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture’s reputation as a progressive and authoritative voice has grown and in 2020, we transitioned from a social enterprise to an independent charity.

Today, we remain passionate about inspiring hope and turning the tide for nature through compelling communications and advocacy, while also enabling more rewilding on the ground in collaboration with a wide range of partners at different scales and across different settings.

We remain a relatively small, fleet-footed team, supported by a dedicated group of trustees, believing that agility and a laser focus on our objectives are key to delivering maximum impact, as we continue to push the needle for rewilding in Scotland.

Our spiritual home is the Cairngorms National Park, but our team all work remotely, reducing running costs and ensuring more of our income goes directly to realising our vision of a vast area of rewilded land and water across Scotland, where wildlife flourishes and people thrive.


Our values define us as an organisation and guide our relationships with partners, funders, supporters and wider interest groups.

We are ambitious and willing to take risks

Our vision is bold and we are willing to go where others can’t or won’t to effect the change we believe is urgently needed. When pushing at boundaries, our actions remain grounded in evidence and outcome-oriented.

We trade in hope, not fear and conflict

While we are driven by the grave challenges the world faces, our narratives are built around hope and possibility. We are forward-looking and focused on finding solutions, motivated by the positive outcomes we have seen rewilding deliver.

We are inclusive and respectful

We invite everyone to be part of Scotland’s rewilding conversation – across all ages, backgrounds and interest groups. We act with integrity and are open and respectful in our dialogue, working to understand differences of opinion and build bridges.

We collaborate for efficiency and impact

We forge connections and working partnerships with groups and individuals from a wide range of interests, where the pooling of skills and knowledge will help deliver change more effectively.